• Post a Service - Comdoity
      Post a Service - Comdoity

      After creating an account and successful login, you will be redirected to the home feed page. On this page you will find a button to Post a 3rd-Hand (as seen in screenshots above), click on the button and fill necessary details to offer a 3rd-Hand.

    • Verify your Profile - Comdoity

      Verified profiles get more 3rd-Hand requests. You can verify your Email, Mobile Number, ID & Address Proof by clicking on the verify link(as seen in screenshot above). On clicking verify, follow the instructions. For ID & Address proof verification, you need to upload a scanned copy of your documents which will be verified(Accepted/Rejected) by Comdoity Team.

    • Request Send or Message - Comdoity

      On clicking any service from home feed or search results, you will be redirected to a page with more details of that particular 3rd-Hand. You can click on the buttons(as seen on screenshot above) to request or send a message. On requesting, the 3rd-Hand author can either accept or reject your request.

    • Report a 3rd hand - Comdoity

      If you find any 3rd-Hand not suitable/relevant, there is an option to report it. On the 3rd-Hand detail page, there is an option to report(as seen on screenshot above). You can choose a reason and add a relevant description. Comdoity team will review this and take appropriate action.

    • Category Filters - Comdoity
      Offered Filters - Comdoity

      There are several predefined categories available which you can use to either filter the results or offer a 3rd-Hand. Any 3rd-Hand is either offered by an individual or a company.

      - For any query, send a email to us with your query along with contact details on