Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions asked on comdoity. If you have questions that are not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Comdoity is a social media platform meant to promote social integration through helping one another with skills we are endowed with. It brings about actual physical contact between people on the platform unlike most social media platform.

Comdoity is a social media platform that connects individuals that would like to share their skills and services for free and in return get skills and services from other users on the platform. Organizations provide skills and services free to members and in so doing make themselves known. In addition, it allows charitable organizations and individuals to reach out to those who need their assistance.

Membership is of three types :

    Free membership

  • Free members do not pay subscription fees. They join the site to offer their skills to people who need it, and in return receive assistance from other people when they need it.

    Premium membership

  • Premium members pay subscription fees. The advantage is that, in addition to enjoying what free members enjoy, they also have access to the full functionality the site offers. e.g possibility to request assistance from other users within and outside their city, Advert free, full search functionality, guaranteed monthly request (read more about karma points here) and so on.


  • This is similar to premium membership. The difference is that unlike premium membership which is for individuals, this is for companies. However companies are not entitled to receive free service. They can only give. They can also advertise their products and services through the site which could lead to them getting paid for their services in the future.

It helps users to use their skills to help people. In return they also open a channel of help for themselves when they require assistance.

Apart from helping users to use their skills to offer and receive help, it also helps users to advertise their skills and companies for future monetary gain when the opportunity arises, it also gives the chance to network and opens doors of opportunity.

Log on to Answer the necessary questions correctly, and you are good to go.

With the exception of unlawful skills, It is open to all other skills which are of benefit to users of Comdoity.

Yes it is a platform for true friendship and love, based on sacrifice and sharing.

No, companies are also welcome.

You pay to be a premium and corporate member with lots of benefits attached. But we also have free membership with restricted benefits.

Companies pay 100 SEK/Month, while Premium members pay 30 SEK/Month.

In order to support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, all subscription plans are currently free till the 30th of September 2020.

Yes, there are free plans available for you to try Comdoity. You can upgrade to a premium plan anytime. To learn how to upgrade click here.

Yes anyone above 18 years of age.

Yes, you can invite your friends by sharing the link on social media platforms. Currently, we are not running any referral bonus.

Currently, we are not running any referral bonus.

Send a mail to us with your request at Contact Us.

Karma points show your positive contribution to Comdoity and is calculated as shown below :

- Karma point = 3rd-Hand offered - 3rd-Hand* received

- Every new month gives one Karma Point (Premium Member only)

- Continuous reject for more that 21 days leads to a reduction of one karma point

*3rd-Hand means service or skill.

Note: Users must have minimum 1 karma point to request a 3rd-Hand.

Comdoity is a community that connects individuals and organizations who render services and skills to each other and also helps users to advertise their skills and companies for future monetary gain.